Sunday, 30 August 2009


Radiohead play Reading. Gutted i'm not there!


  1. the second one is so top! I wish I had money to buy new film!

  2. thanks maan. I know, polaroid film is bankrupting me :/ By the way, what kinda camera/ film do you use?

  3. for the most part have used a canona ae-1 program, with a ridonculous 72mm zoom lense, but it hurts my neck after a while.

    the early square ones on my blog are just with a holga, and the newer square ones (there's more on facebook if you have me there) are with a lubitel 166B (which my girlfriend got my for my birthday).

    The lubitell is truely fantastic, and the canon never fails to take a decent snap.

    as for film, just either 200 or 400, nothing fancy.

    p.s, I got myself some polaroid, but I havn't used any yet.

  4. ooh thanks for the info, i shall have to look into investing in some of these lovely items. Ordinary digital cameras just don't tend to do it for me, i like proper fuzz and distortion. And yes polaroid, i hope you are keeping it the fridge! It's good to save it for something really special seeing as apparently it involves taking out a loan just to afford it.