Friday, 2 October 2009

Universe City

Two weeks at uni now and I have found it very enjoyable. It's so good to be thinking creatively again, and I've met some cool people, so all is well. The travel is killing me though, the underground is so hot and crowded and long (both literally and in terms of boredom). I knew this already obviously, but spending hours a days having to deal with it now is a pain in the arse. Plus, i've decided that if I ever go on Room 101, oyster cards are going in. They are the most unexplained and irritating phenomena in the history of london transport. No one fucking understands them! I can't tell how much money they are taking off, and chingford doesn't even have the things to tap them on at the end of the journey, so the system just assumes you haven't paid for your journey! I tell you, it's pissing me off to an insane degree.
Sort it out, Boris.


  1. were getting them soon! the problem is that Chingford station was/is privately owned (along with Highams Park)

  2. i bloody hope so! god how embarrassing to be in any way associated with highams park.